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Each MAKARLU Wall order will arrive at your door packed securely in an eco-friendly presentation carton containing:

  • Your selection of MAKARLU Wall panels.
  • All the 3M Command Picture Hanging Strips you will need to install your panels.
  • Isopropyl alcohol wipes to clean your wall surface prior to installation. Made in Australia.

*Note that Lotus and Coast dome sets are not included, they can be added to your cart from the relevant product page.

MAKARLU Wall is a breeze to install. After planning your arrangement, simply:

  1. Prepare your wall surface with the cleaning wipes provided
  2. Apply the Command Strips to each MAKARLU Wall panel
  3. Remove backing liner and press panel to wall for 30 seconds

Check our full Design & Installation Guide for how you can quickly and simply achieve a great result with your new MAKARLU Wall!

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Transform your space and inspire functional movement with MAKARLU® Wall.

MAKARLU Wall is what’s possible when infinite imagination, organic shapes and striking materials are blended with our desire to inspire functional movement and good health. With their inbuilt magnets, our Lotus and Coast dome sets combine beautifully with the underlying steel in MAKARLU Wall panels, so you can turn almost any blank wall into an art installation opportunity.

MAKARLU Wall has been designed to ensure simple, damage-free installation and low maintenance. No tools are required, so you can quickly and easily transform your space and make it your own.

MAKARLU Wall. Proudly designed and made in Australia using quality materials.

Shaped by nature

Elegant, durable and versatile, our slimline MAKARLU Wall panels are founded on the principles of biophilic design, an approach to architecture that seeks to connect people more closely with nature.

Inspired by Nature. Designed for Movement.

Inspiration for home

Inspiration for studio

Varied Circles

Inspired by the many circles and spheres that occur in nature and our universe, the circles of MAKARLU Wall allow you to create your own unique arrangement. Create your configuration with different sized circles, or even combine the circles with a hexagon or two!

Our smaller circle Dots are ideal for attaching a variety of magnetic hooks, clips and push pins. Hang any lightweight object – straps, bands, reformer springs or even your dog’s leash! Also great for hanging memos, notes and cue sheets.

Irregular Hexagons

From bee hives to snowflakes, basalt columns, corals and more – hexagons abound in nature. MAKARLU Wall features an irregular hexagonal shape which, although irregularly shaped, allows for perfect tessellation into visually ordered and elegant patterns.

Go vertical

Thoughtfully designed to augment the nesting domes of MAKARLU Lotus and MAKARLU Coast, MAKARLU Wall redefines self-massage and trigger point release.

Patented inbuilt magnets allow the contoured domes of Lotus and Coast to stick to MAKARLU Wall—simply, securely and hands-free—so they can pinpoint myofascial tension and gently mobilise stiff joints, all while doubling as art for your space.

No more struggling to hold a trigger point tool in place while you lean in!

No more having to get down on the floor and lie on the tool—with your entire body pressure!

How do you Makarlu?


Innovative Materials... Naturally

For the home, the studio, the gym and even the modern workplace, the stylish and playful MAKARLU® Wall boasts a unique look with innovative materials to deliver a beautifully organic feel.

Weathered Iron

Our chosen surface material for the first release of MAKARLU Wall is Weathered Iron, a beautiful finish that effortlessly blends a sense of timelessness together with architectural elegance. The play of light upon the natural weathered patina of each panel adds a sense of depth, character and rustic charm.

Reminescent of the original COR-TEN® weathering steels developed early last century, MAKARLU Wall’s Weathered Iron is actually a premium quality pre-painted steel product that’s designed to suit Australian high-end architecture and interior design. It combines the world’s most advanced coating technology with the strength of steel to create a truly distinctive, genuinely individual look. It really is unlike any other surface material available.

Behind the lead there's always a strong supporting cast

Our Weathered Iron facing is backed by a slimline thermoplastic panel with an attractive black sand-like texture. It is strong and durable as well as impact and scratch resistant. Additionally, the material is colour-fast so will not mark or stain your existing painted walls. Importantly, it is also BPA free, non-toxic and fully recyclable.

For damage-free installation on your wall we supply you with genuine Command products to hold your panels securely in place, backed by 3M performance and technologies. And if ever you want to relocate your MAKARLU Wall panels, they remove cleanly and can easily be reinstalled in their new location!

Easy as 1, 2, 3

MAKARLU Wall is a breeze to install. After planning your arrangement, simply:

1. Prepare your wall surface with the cleaning wipes provided

2. Apply the Command Strips to each MAKARLU Wall panel

3. Remove backing liner and press panel to wall for 30 seconds

Check our full Design & Installation guide for how you can quickly and simply achieve a great result with your new MAKARLU wall!

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Image #1 from Amy Lynn R.
Amy Lynn R.
Verified ownerVerified owner

I love my Makarlu’s and so do my clients. It is a great tool to have in the Pilates studio or when I travel.

4 weeks ago
Verified ownerVerified owner

I bought mine for a specific set of releases recommended by my Pilates teacher. These have been transformative for me just on their own. Looking forward to using Makarlu in other ways based on your training material.
The experience of purchasing on your website through to unboxing and using has been an absolute delight. Thank you!

1 month ago
Verified ownerVerified owner

The Makarlus wake up my feet like nothing else. I have balance issues and these little domes make foot and ankle exercises fun and interesting. They look great too so they're always there to make my feet happy ... not tucked away at the back of a cupboard. The tutorials have a wealth of ideas for using them.

2 months ago

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