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Each MAKARLU Pebble order will arrive at your door packed securely in an eco-friendly presentation carton containing two each of:

  • Pebble boards with weathered iron insert.
  • Pebble weighted counterbalance pods.
  • Pebble anti-slip straps with G-hooks.

*Note that Lotus and Coast dome sets are not included, they can be added to your cart from the relevant product page.

MAKARLU Pebble is simple to use straight out of the box. Using the anti-slip strap with G-hooks, simply connect the board and pod together in your desired configuration – then enjoy!

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Inspire functional movement with MAKARLU® Pebble.

MAKARLU Pebble is what’s possible when infinite imagination, organic shapes and striking materials are blended with our desire to inspire functional movement and good health. With their inbuilt magnets, our Lotus and Coast dome sets combine beautifully with the underlying steel in the MAKARLU Pebble boards, thereby offering myriad possibilities of combinations and applications.

MAKARLU Pebble. Proudly designed and made in Australia using quality materials.

How do you MAKARLU®?

Is MAKARLU Pebble a jump board for a Pilates reformer? Is it a wobble board? Is it a soft hand weight? Is it great for trigger point and fascial manoeuvres? Is it a floor knee pad? Is it sacral and thoracic support? It’s all of these, and much, much more!

The innovative components of MAKARLU Pebble offer so many configurations and variations that it can be (almost) anything you want it to be!

Innovative Materials... Shaped by Nature

Elegant, durable and extremely versatile, the design of MAKARLU Pebble was founded on the principles of biophilic design, an approach to architecture that seeks to connect people more closely with nature.

For the home, the studio, the gym and even the modern workplace, the stylish and playful MAKARLU Pebble boasts a unique look with innovative shapes and materials to deliver a beautifully organic feel.

Inspired by Nature. Designed for Movement.

MAKARLU Pebble consists of 3 main components:

  • Shaped like the smooth, slim river pebble after which it was named, the Pebble board is a strong, quality plywood board with a Weathered Iron insert. MAKARLU Pebble’s Weathered Iron is actually a premium quality pre-painted steel product that’s designed to suit Australian high-end architecture and interior design. With their inbuilt magnets, our Lotus and Coast dome sets combine beautifully with the underlying steel in the MAKARLU Pebble boards.
  • Surprisingly soft yet comfortably weighty at 0.75kg, the Pebble counterbalance pod has many potential applications. The Pebble pod can be used: as a counterweight for the Pebble board when hanging vertically on jump boards, ladders or doors; under the Pebble board to convert it to a wobble board; as a soft hand weight for a variety of exercises; on the floor for cushioning knees.
  • The special woven rubber tracings in Pebble’s unique anti-slip strap are designed to provide maximum grip when hanging from jump boards, ladders and doors. Each strap has two strong anodised aluminium G-hooks so the strap can be looped and hung from a variety of objects. 

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Verified ownerVerified owner

Excellent product. It is opening my shoulders.

1 month ago
Grace Championau
Verified ownerVerified owner

I love my purchase! I’ve used them almost daily to help with fascia release. I specifically wanted to use this tool for the Hunan Garage belly button torque & it’s been amazing!

1 month ago
Kerry Billsteinau
Verified ownerVerified owner

Such a stunningly beautiful and versatile product that I instantly felt excited to start using in my Fascia Maneuvers Class. It was very well received and helped me immensely in being able to torque the clients fascia where required. Thank you I love it and its adaptability. Kerry

1 month ago

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