Lotus and Coast—what sets them apart?

Overall, Lotus and Coast are closely related. They are each made up of magnetic Nesting Dome sets (large, medium, and small domes) on Timber Bases. 

Lotus and Coast are both ‘Inspired by Nature’—drawing respectively from the elegance of the blossoming lotus flower, and the natural beauty of where land and ocean come together.

On first glance it may be hard to tell the difference between them—though when it comes to the finer details, there are a few key design features which set Lotus and Coast apart.

The Highlights


– Coast domes are made with a slightly softer overall material grade than Lotus domes

– The large Lotus domes have angular nodules, while the large Coast domes have rounded nodules

– Lotus and Coast each offer their own unique feel and aesthetic, thanks to the distinctive nature-inspired nodules, surface profiles, contours, and colourways

– Thanks to the above design features, Lotus and Coast each provide subtly different sensory input, fascial grip, and treatment focus to the skin, fascia, and muscles

Distinctive nodules, contours, and textures

Lotus | a closer look

Large Dome – ‘Blossom’ covered with angular nodules in the form of flower petals

Middle Dome – ‘Seed pod’ with gentle contours and dimples reminiscent of the lotus seed

Small Dome – ‘Seed’ with firm, smooth, soft-to-touch texture

Mat – Raised hexagonal surface pattern, as often seen in nature

Coast | a closer look

Large dome – ‘Sand dune’ with rounded nodules in the form of beach pebbles

Middle Dome – ‘Seashell’ with contours inspired by lines of ocean swell

Small Dome – ‘Beach pebble’ with the subtle texture of sand

Mat – ‘Rock pool’ with concentric circles reminiscent of ripples on the water’s surface

Coast domes are slightly softer than Lotus domes

While both Coast and Lotus allow you to vary the firmness by adding or removing inner domes, Coast domes are made with a slightly softer material grade than Lotus domes, known as the ‘Shore hardness’.



Nature-inspired colourways

Lotus – Midnight BlackMagentaBlue

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