Real Timbers

Whether in hand, under foot, or on display—there’s nothing quite like the look and feel of real timber. ⁠

Australian Spotted Gum

Australian Spotted Gum is one of Australia’s premium hardwoods, known for its striking appearance and a high degree of natural durability and strength. 

Architects and designers value Spotted Gum timber for its grain structure, attractive markings and vibrant colour palette. It is robust—often used to make fine furniture, polo sticks, baseball bats and boats. 

Like fingerprints and snowflakes, no two Spotted Gum bases are identical. The colour of its heartwood can range from light brown through to dark red-brown hues.

Despite the name, something made of Spotted Gum isn’t covered in spots, the timber earned its name because the smooth greyish-white bark of the Corymbia maculata (Spotted Gum) tree is shed in flakes, leaving conspicuous spots.

Makarlu Lotus

American Walnut

American Walnut is native to the eastern regions of North America. The beautiful grain patterns, rich brown colour and great workability of American Walnut places this timber in a class of its own for architects, designers and woodworking professionals.

American Walnut is a fine and generally straight-grained timber, although often it has an attractive wavy or curly grain, giving it a highly decorative figure. The colour of its heartwood ranges from a golden to a rich chocolate brown colour, sometimes with narrow streaks of a darker purplish-brown.

It’s a popular choice for use in furniture, joinery and other fine woodworking, so it was only natural for MAKARLU® to include American Walnut in the range.

European Ash

European Ash is a highly regarded timber in Scandinavian furniture and interior design, thanks to its beautiful grain and light tones.

The colour of the timber varies from white through to pale brown, making it an attractive option for use in chairs, dining tables, joinery, architectural features and hardwood flooring. In the past this versatile timber was even used in boat and plane building, due to being a strong yet relatively lightweight hardwood.

European Ash is the European equivalent to White Ash of North America, with both woods being light coloured to nearly white, and generally straight-grained with a uniform texture.

East Asian Bamboo

Bamboo holds deep-rooted cultural significance in East Asia, in no small part thanks to its characteristic strength, versatility, rapid growth, and natural regeneration. 

Musical instruments, furniture, fishing rods, buildings, bridges, textiles and even weapons are some of the traditional and contemporary applications of this majestic plant. Its high strength-to-weight ratio, sustainable qualities and light earthy colours make East Asian Bamboo a solid option as a MAKARLU® Base.

Bamboo justifiably earns its reputation amongst designers as a sustainable resource because it is amongst the fastest-growing plants in the world. In suitable conditions, bamboo has been known to grow at a rate of one metre per day!

Makarlu Lotus Bamboo