Our Story

In our hometown of Brisbane, Australia—after decades of experience in Pilates and allied health studios as practitioners and patrons—we felt a need.

Inspiration was found in the natural formations, environments, and concepts encountered in a series of trips to central Australia and Japan.

The seeds for MAKARLU were planted.

Functionality is at the heart of our designs, but creating something beautiful that inspires people to pick it up and start moving is an equally important aspect of the process.

We had gathered an impressive collection of mobility and release tools over the years. Many of these were intended for a fairly specific purpose, manufactured out of unknown materials, and without much consideration given to how they look.

Our need was for a versatile movement prop for our clients, teachers and practitioners to use for the whole body. We wanted something adaptable that was able to be used in a variety of ways to accommodate a wide range of individual needs. Importantly, we were looking for a product made of high quality materials and with thought given to aesthetics—a prop worthy of being displayed, rather than stashed away in a cupboard or drawer.

On a mission for something ‘just right’, further inspiration was drawn from Goldilocks, matryoshka dolls, and Marie Kondo.

And so with a collaboration of minds from a diversity of backgrounds, lots of ideas (including bad ones), extensive research, rigorous testing, insistence on premium materials, and inspiration drawn from nature—MAKARLU was born.


MAKARLU designs focus equally on function and form, i.e. our products are as much exercise props as they are pieces of art. With further creations in the wind, this is just the beginning for our small family-owned and operated Australian business, and the ever growing community of MAKARLU movers.