MAKARLU Lotus and MAKARLU Coast are ‘Designed for Movement’. 

From myofascial release, massage, and mobility, through to stretching, strengthening, and stability challenges—find your movement inspiration below.

To separate the nesting domes, use the inbuilt finger guides.

Like a Matryoshka doll, the domes and timber base of Lotus and Coast nest snugly together.

Lotus and Coast are made for your muscles, fascia, and skin.

Use them to massage, mobilise, feel, stimulate, release, recover, relieve, and relax. Take the ideas from the ‘thought starters’ above and apply to different body areas to suit.

Overall Lotus and Coast are closely related and can be used in the same ways, though there are subtle design differences which give each a unique feel.  Learn more

Use different domes (with the range of sizes, surface contours, nodules, and textures) to suit individual sensitivities, preferences, body compositions, and body areas. Try smaller domes for a targeted release, and larger domes for a broader release. Vary the firmness as needed. 

Myofascial restriction and muscular trigger points can affect movement and be a source of pain. They can develop after overuse and injuries, or from certain movement patterns and postures. Release techniques may therefore help to improve range of movement and flexibility, relieve muscle soreness, and prevent injuries.  Learn more 

If in doubt, or if you have an injury, significant medical history, or a particular condition—you should use MAKARLU in consultation with your healthcare professional, e.g. doctor, physiotherapist, osteopath, chiropractor, occupational therapist, exercise physiologist, or movement teacher.

Lotus and Coast nurture our need to move.

Use them to balance, stabilise, strengthen, stretch, slid, rock, tilt, feedback and facilitate.

They can be used to vary and progress familiar exercises, or to help you dream up new movements and flows.

To engage, challenge, and mobilise your body in a different way—use any of the 8 components individually, or get creative by combining them in countless configurations.

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