Replace your multicoloured collection of props and spiky balls – minimalism with Makarlu Lotus.

Foam rollers, spiky balls, foot domes, lacrosse balls, wobble boards… the list rolls on.

A studio, health clinic, home gym or even your very own living room can quickly fill up with all sorts of health enabling tools of different shapes and sizes. Some are designed for self massage and trigger point release, while others are geared more towards rehabilitation and exercise.

Enter Makarlu Lotus, as featured in Good Weekend in The Sydney Morning Herald and The Melbourne Age, as well as The Brisbane Times. Makarlu Lotus is a beautiful set of 3 nesting domes on a convex hardwood base, and it may just be a candidate to replace many of the exercise props cluttering your space.


Innovative, elegant and timeless, Makarlu Lotus breaks new ground in the field of studio props and tools that facilitate proprioception, myofascial release, balance and movement.


The versatility of Makarlu

Through its countless configurations, Makarlu Lotus can be used for all sorts of practical applications in a range of settings – in the studio, clinic, at home, at work and whilst travelling. You would need an assortment of other products to be able to do what you can with a set of Makarlu. Learn more about what is possible with Makarlu here.


“Pilates and Physiotherapy treatment play an important role in helping individuals recover from and prevent injuries. However, the therapy is often dependent on the use of complex and cumbersome training aids that can only be used in a studio environment. When there is an appropriate training aid for the home or while travelling, it typically focuses on a single exercise and with an unappealing aesthetic. Often the aid is left in the cupboard and forgotten about.”

– Good Design Awards


Some of the many configurations and applications of Makarlu Lotus
Some of the many configurations and applications of Makarlu Lotus


Minimalism with Makarlu Lotus

If you’re yet to hear of Marie Kondo and her concept of decluttering your life, perhaps you’ve been buried under a pile of clothes – or spiky balls. This year, Kondo has popularised the notion of decluttering and tidying. Basically, she advocates having less stuff, while ensuring that the stuff you do have brings you joy. You can read more about that here at KonMari.

By design, Makarlu Lotus uses space well. The three different sized domes nest together like a Matryoshka doll and sit neatly atop a hardwood base made from sustainably sourced Australian Spotted Gum. While it’s discrete in terms of not creating clutter, Makarlu is simultaneously eye-catching, and wouldn’t look out of place sitting proudly on your coffee table, bookshelf, or studio reception desk.

The other tools we have mentioned are all excellent pieces of equipment that serve important purposes. We use them daily, we love them and we aren’t personally intending to get rid of them. However if you are just starting out, or simply looking to go minimal with your massage and movement tools, you’d do well to take a closer look at Makarlu Lotus.

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