Nesting Domes
on a Rocker Base

Like a Matryoshka doll, the Nesting Domes and Rocker Base of MAKARLU Lotus fit snugly together. The components can be used individually, or in combination with each other in countless configurations—making Lotus incredibly versatile and adaptable.

Sizes, Contours, Textures

The distinctive sizes, contours and textures of the components of MAKARLU Lotus each provide unique tactile input, fascial grip, and treatment focus. This all-in-one versatility means that Lotus is suitable for the whole body—from head to feet and anywhere in between.


Large Dome
Diameter: 12cm or 4.7″
Surface Profile: Blossom covered with nodules in the form of petals

Medium Dome
Diameter: 9cm or 3.5″
Surface Profile: Seed pod with dimpled texture

Small Dome
Diameter: 6cm or 2.4″
Surface Profile: Seed with firm, smooth, soft-to-touch texture

Rocker Base
Diameter: 14cm or 5.5″
Surface Profile: Smooth convex timber surface


Domes and Mat
Made from high-performance thermoplastic elastomer (TPE). Soft to touch and latex free, TPE is a premium quality elastomeric material which is often used for watch and fitness wrist bands.

Rocker Base
Crafted from real timber—Australian Spotted Gum, East Asian Bamboo, American Walnut, or European Ash

Compact and Portable

Take your Lotus with you—whether to the studio or gym, work or home, or while travelling. 

MAKARLU Lotus comes with an embroidered drawstring carry bag, made from heavyweight black canvas.  

Featuring French seams, double drawstrings, and two inner pockets—there’s a pocket for each Lotus, or travel with a single set and use the other pocket for your possessions.

Variable Firmness

The 3 Nesting Domes design feature lets you vary the firmness of your MAKARLU Lotus set, by adding or removing inner domes. This adjustable firmness is useful for accommodating individual needs, or to use on different areas of the body.