Crafted from high quality and sustainably sourced materials, Makarlu Lotus is a perfect balance of functionality, touch and beauty. 

Nesting Domes

The three nesting domes of Makarlu Lotus are made from high-performance thermoplastic elastomer (TPE). Soft to touch and latex free, TPE is a premium quality elastomeric material which is often used for watch and fitness wrist bands.

An advantage of TPE is its ability to repeatedly stretch and return to its original shape, creating a longer life and better physical range as compared to typical plastic materials.

Since it can be moulded, extruded and reused, TPE has the potential to be recyclable, while still possessing the desirable elastic properties of rubbers (which are not recyclable). 

Rocker Base

Makarlu Lotus Rocker Bases are crafted from a selection of beautiful timbers.

Spotted Gum is a strong, durable and sustainably sourced Australian hardwood. Robust enough to handle all manner of movement applications, Spotted Gum timber is often used to make bridges, boats and baseball bats. Designers appreciate ‘spotty’ for its elegant grain structure, attractive markings and vibrant colour palette. Like fingerprints and snowflakes, no two Spotted Gum Rocker Bases are identical.

Bamboo holds deep-rooted cultural significance in East Asia, in no small part thanks to its characteristic strength, versatility, rapid growth, and natural regeneration. Musical instruments, furniture, fishing rods, buildings, bridges, textiles and even weapons are some of the traditional and contemporary applications of this majestic plant. And now, its high strength-to-weight ratio, sustainable qualities, and light earthy colour make East Asian Bamboo a solid option as a Makarlu Lotus Rocker Base.

Rather than being hidden away in a cupboard or drawer, we think Makarlu Lotus is nice enough to leave out on display as a reminder to use it.

Rare-earth Magnets

Makarlu Lotus utilises the strength and permanency of neodymium rare-earth magnets – the strongest type of commercially available permanent magnets. 

Carefully in-built within each of the three Makarlu domes, these magnets create some very useful benefits.

This innovative design feature expands the number of possible configurations and applications for Makarlu Lotus, and also holds your whole set together in compact form.

And don’t just use your Lotus domes on the floor – magnetic attraction lets you use the domes vertically by sticking them to your fridge, filing cabinet, your car and more.

Drawstring Carry Bag

Our Makarlu Lotus carry bags were inspired by the elegant simplicity of ‘kinchaku’, a traditional Japanese drawstring carry bag or pouch. Read more about the meaning of [ Ma ~ Karlu ]

Kinchaku is a small bag worn like a purse or handbag, typically used for carrying around personal possessions like money, lucky charms, medicines and cosmetics.

‘Kin’ means fabric.

‘Chaku’ means to put on.

In the tradition of kinchaku, Makarlu Lotus comes with a stylishly embroidered carry bag featuring two inner pockets. There’s one pocket for each Makarlu Lotus, or travel with a single set and use the other pocket for your possessions.

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