What they are saying

“I was so excited to receive this in the post. I had to share it online! What an ingenious design. The quality and diverse ways of using this equipment seems limitless. I appreciate the care choosing ethical materials. I’ve been balancing, massaging trigger points and breaking a sweat especially when it came to the plank variation.”

Paola Raffinetti

“Makarlu really is magic, our bodies feel incredible.”

Lisa Jackson

“Is your home gym cluttered with a multicoloured gaggle of props and spiky balls? Replace the lot with the stylish Markarlu Lotus, a set of three nesting domes on a convex timber base that combine to form a variety of exercise props. Used to facilitate balance and movement, they are also an excellent way to stretch and massage aching muscles. The set is compact for travelling and an intriguing objet d’art when not in use.”

Frances Mocnik (Good Weekend in SMH, The Age)

“Already loving this incredible combination of functionality and beauty.”

Sally Tolerton

“I am so released I could do the whole morning again.”

Jo Carey
JoJo and Pups

“Not long returned from my Vietnam trip with students and now just emailing to let you know that the Makarlu saved my life on a few occasions – well… got me mobile again. I am so grateful – thank you!!!”


“It’s a game changer for physical therapy and fitness professionals. Best thing? It’s all magnetic. Knot in your shoulder? Stick it to the fridge and lean in. Take it apart for different textures and shapes.”

Mariska Breland

“Love the Makarlu 🙌, such a great piece of equipment with so many uses! ❤️”


“Markalu est une invention Australienne. Ce set offre un nombre presque illimité de possibilité pour féliciter les mouvements et la rééducation musculaire.”

Pilates by Dorine
Captain Pilates

“Designed in Brisbane and made in Australia, they are stunning! They provide many opportunities to support and challenge the Pilates repertoire. I love their versatility and my clients are going to love them.”

Genesia Pilates

“… come in for a play with these cleverly designed release domes and beautifully crafted wooden balance discs from Makarlu. They are amazing and lots of fun.”

Kandie Albert

“Makarlu is innovative and beautiful.”

Joanne Bezzina

“Makarlu is amazing, so versatile. Dancers feet love them ⭐️. A great tool to help increase ankle range of movement and stability, in supine or standing.”

Renae Blackmore