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Makarlu Lotus

  • East Asian Bamboo
  • Australian Spotted Gum
  • Pair
  • Single

Hand-pick your ideal combination of brilliant colours and sustainable timbers. Opt for a pair (two complete sets of Makarlu Lotus, ideal for bilateral exercises) or a single (one set, compact, great for travel).

Inspired by Nature.

Drawing from the beauty and elegance of the blossoming lotus flower and seed pod, the distinctive surface contours and sizes of Makarlu Lotus provide unique sensory input to the skin, fascia and muscles.

Designed for Movement.

Thoughtfully designed to accommodate a wide range of needs, Makarlu Lotus is for those who want to improve how they move and feel. Whether for specific rehabilitation goals, training of highly conditioned performers and athletes, or general movement and exercise – Makarlu Lotus helps to release, relax, stretch, strengthen, mobilise and move the whole body – from head to feet and anywhere in between.


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Where exceptional materials underpin timeless design.

Created for those who want to improve how they move and feel – with a focus on functionality, versatility, sustainability, & elegance.

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Like a Matryoshka doll, the 3 Nesting Domes and Rocker Base of Makarlu Lotus fit snugly together. They can be used individually, or in combination with each other in a multitude of configurations. 

Soft to touch and latex free, Makarlu Lotus domes are made from TPE, a premium quality elastomeric material that’s often used for watch and fitness wrist bands. Read more about the exceptional materials of Makarlu Lotus.

Don’t just use Makarlu Lotus on the floor – magnetic attraction lets you also use the domes vertically by sticking them to your fridge, filing cabinet, car, poles, and more.

Using the Lotus domes vertically and ‘hands-free’ makes self massage and gentle mobilisation of stiff muscles and joints that much easier – great for relieving hard to reach niggles and tight points in the back, neck, shoulders, and glutes.

This feature is also useful for moderating pressure to suit individual preference, and can benefit those who are unable to get up and down from the floor easily. Position a dome or combination of domes exactly where needed, then fine-tune the pressure by gradually leaning or pushing harder – something that can be more difficult to control when lying on the floor on top of massage balls, golf balls, tennis balls, foam rollers, etc.

Learn more about the neodymium rare-earth magnets used in Makarlu Lotus on our materials page and FAQ page. 

Magnets may interfere with pacemakers when placed in close proximity. Anyone with a pacemaker should not use Makarlu Lotus until approved by their cardiologist.

The 3 Nesting Domes design feature lets you vary the firmness of your Makarlu Lotus set, by adding or removing inner domes. 

A range of firmnesses are useful to accommodate individual needs, or to use on different areas of the body. When this variable firmness is combined with the ability to use vertically, the possibilities for Makarlu Lotus grows.

Versatile and Adaptable – use Makarlu Lotus in different ‘configurations’ for a wide range of ‘applications’.

The distinct sizes, textures and contours of each component of Makarlu Lotus provide unique tactile input, fascial grip, and treatment focus. The all-in-one versatility means that Makarlu Lotus is suitable for the whole body – from head to feet and anywhere in between.

Large dome – Diameter 12cm (4.7″) – Blossum covered with nodules in the form of petals

Medium domeDiameter 9cm (3.5″) – Seed pod with dimpled texture

Small dome – Diameter 6cm (2.4″) – Seed with firm, smooth, soft-to-touch texture

Rocker Base and Mat – Diameter 14cm (5.5″) – Crafted from Australian Spotted Gum or East Asian Bamboo

Compact and Portable – take Makarlu Lotus with you wherever you go, whether to the studio, home or work, or while travelling.

Makarlu Lotus comes with a stylishly embroidered drawstring carry bag featuring two inner pockets. There’s one pocket for each Makarlu Lotus, or travel with a single set and use the other pocket for your possessions.

Our Makarlu Lotus bags were inspired by the elegant simplicity of ‘kinchaku’, a traditional Japanese drawstring carry bag or pouch. Kinchaku is a small bag worn like a purse or handbag, typically use for carrying around personal possessions like money, lucky charms, medicines and cosmetics. ‘Kin’ means fabric and ‘Chaku’ means to put on. Read more about the meaning of [ Ma ~ Karlu ].


Where function blends with form.

Our Rocker Bases are crafted from a selection of beautiful timbers.

Australian Spotted Gum

Spotted Gum is a strong, durable and sustainably sourced Australian hardwood. Robust enough to handle all manner of movement applications, Spotted Gum timber is often used to make bridges, boats and baseball bats.

Designers appreciate ‘spotty’ for its elegant grain structure, attractive markings and vibrant colour palette. Like fingerprints and snowflakes, no two Spotted Gum Rocker Bases are identical.

East Asian Bamboo

Bamboo holds deep-rooted cultural significance in East Asia, in no small part thanks to its characteristic strength, versatility, rapid growth, and natural regeneration. Musical instruments, furniture, fishing rods, buildings, bridges, textiles and even weapons are some of the traditional and contemporary applications of this majestic plant.

And now, its high strength-to-weight ratio, sustainable qualities, and light earthy colour make East Asian Bamboo a solid option as a Makarlu Lotus Rocker Base.


Where art meets sustainable health. 

Lotus comes in a range of brilliant colours. 


Inspired by the blue lotus flower, the vivid tones of Blue will add to the atmosphere of any environment. It’s striking, yet soothing.


Magenta provides a bright splash of colour reminiscent of the pink lotus blossom. It’s vibrant and not at all subtle. 

Midnight Black

The neutral, dark shades of Midnight Black will compliment all settings. It’s contemporary and classic style all at once.


More than the sum of its parts.

The components of Makarlu Lotus can be used individually, or in combination with each other in a range of configurations.


How do you Makarlu?

With the interplay of different sizes, contours, and degrees of firmness, the potential applications for Makarlu Lotus are seemingly endless.

From myofascial release and stretching through to proprioception, strength and balance challenges – there is a lot you can do with Makarlu.


What are they saying?

Some thoughts from those who have experienced Makarlu Lotus.

“I was so excited to receive this in the post. I had to share it online! What an ingenious design. The quality and diverse ways of using this equipment seems limitless. I appreciate the care choosing ethical materials. I’ve been balancing, massaging trigger points and breaking a sweat especially when it came to the plank variation.”

Paola Raffinetti

“Makarlu really is magic, our bodies feel incredible.”

Lisa Jackson
Core Pilates

“… come in for a play with these cleverly designed release domes and beautifully crafted wooden balance discs from Makarlu. They are amazing and lots of fun.”

Kandie Albert
The Osteo Clinic

“Is your home gym cluttered with a multicoloured gaggle of props and spiky balls? Replace the lot with the stylish Markarlu Lotus, a set of three nesting domes on a convex timber base that combine to form a variety of exercise props. Used to facilitate balance and movement, they are also an excellent way to stretch and massage aching muscles. The set is compact for travelling and an intriguing objet d’art when not in use.”

Frances Mocnik
Good Weekend Magazine
Sydney Morning Herald and The Age

“I am so released I could do the whole morning again.”

Jo Carey
JoJo and Pups

“It’s a game changer for physical therapy and fitness professionals. Best thing? It’s all magnetic. Knot in your shoulder? Stick it to the fridge and lean in. Take it apart for different textures and shapes.”

Mariska Breland
The Neuro Studio

“Not long returned from my Vietnam trip with students and now just emailing to let you know that the Makarlu saved my life on a few occasions – well… got me mobile again. I am so grateful – thank you!!!”


“Makarlu est une invention Australienne. Ce set offre un nombre presque illimité de possibilité pour féliciter les mouvements et la rééducation musculaire.”

Pilates by Dorine
Captain Pilates

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