Makarlu Lotus
Magenta on Spotted Gum

Magenta provides a bright splash of colour reminiscent of the pink lotus blossom. It’s vibrant and not at all subtle.

Each Makarlu Lotus set includes 3 snugly nesting domes resting on a beautiful Spotted Gum hardwood base.

Your purchase will arrive at the door in a stylish presentation carton along with a drawstring carry bag.

You can choose to purchase in pairs (two complete sets, ideal for bilateral exercises) or as a single set (compact, great for travel).


AUD $215.00


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Crafted in Australia from high quality, sustainably sourced and produced materials.

Makarlu-Magenta-3Large blossom: Covered with nodules in the form of petals. Diameter 12cm (4.7″).

Medium seed pod: Dimpled texture, gentle fascial grip. Diameter 9cm (3.5″).

Small seed: Firm with smooth, soft-to-touch texture. Diameter 6cm (2.4″).

Makarlu Lotus is soft to touch and made from high-performance thermoplastic elastomer (TPE), a premium quality elastomeric material that’s often used for watch and fitness wrist bands. One advantage of TPE is its ability to repeatedly stretch and return to its original shape, creating a longer life and better physical range as compared to typical plastic materials.

TPE also has the potential to be recyclable since it can be moulded, extruded and reused like plastics, but has typical elastic properties of rubbers which are not recyclable.


To hold your set in compact form and allow for vertical use, Makarlu Lotus utilises the strength and permanency of neodymium rare-earth magnets. These are the strongest type of commercially available permanent magnets and have replaced other types of magnets in many contemporary products and technologies.

As with all products containing magnets, caution should be exercised as magnets may interfere with pacemakers when placed in close proximity.


Designers appreciate Spotted Gum timber for its elegant grain structure, attractive markings and vibrant colour palette. Spotted Gum is a strong, durable and sustainably harvested Australian hardwood. The Makarlu Lotus hardwood base is 14cm (5.5″) diameter.

Makarlu-BagOur Makarlu Lotus carry bags were inspired by the elegant simplicity of ‘kinchaku’, a traditional Japanese drawstring carry bag or pouch. Kinchaku is a small bag worn like a purse or handbag, typically use for carrying around personal possessions like money, lucky charms, medicines and cosmetics. ‘Kin’means fabric and ‘Chaku’ means to put on.

In the tradition of kinchaku, Makarlu Lotus comes with a stylishly embroidered carry bag featuring two inner pockets – one pocket for each Makarlu set, or when it suits just travel with one set and use the other pocket for today’s personal possessions – your smartphone, keys or glasses.

Express Shipping

MAKARLU welcomes orders from just about anywhere!
We ship directly by Express Post in Australia and to more than 190 countries by International Express.

Shipping costs
Pairs of Makarlu Lotus receive free express shipping in Australia and internationally! All other orders will be charged at a flat rate of AUD $9.50 per item.

All orders are shipped from our facility in Brisbane (Australia) within 24-48 hours for orders placed Monday-Friday 8am-5pm AEST.

Deliveries in Australia
Express Post delivery will be next business day for items posted on a business day (Monday to Friday) and covers 80% of Australian addresses, slightly longer for some areas.

International shipping
It’s fast!  Estimated delivery of 2-4 business days to metropolitan areas of major cities, only slightly longer for regional areas.
It’s secure!  Delivery door to door (or nearby Post Office) with recipient signature recorded.
It’s trackable!  You’ll receive email updates as your package progresses through its journey.

Import costs
Please note that import duties, custom charges and taxes (e.g. VAT) may apply for some countries, including those in the EU. Any added cost must be payed by the customer before local customs release the product/s. We recommend contacting your local customs office or broker for specific information on your country, and checking the Makarlu Terms & Conditions.

More information
For larger orders and important information about international shipping please refer to our Terms & Conditions page, or Contact us for any enquiries.

Makarlu Configurations

Makarlu Pilates product ideas for use exercise and massage

What are they saying?

“It’s a game changer for physical therapy and fitness professionals. Best thing? It’s all magnetic. Knot in your shoulder? Stick it to the fridge and lean in. Take it apart for different textures and shapes.”

Mariska Breland

“Not long returned from my Vietnam trip with students and now just emailing to let you know that the Makarlu saved my life on a few occasions – well… got me mobile again. I am so grateful – thank you!!!”


“Designed in Brisbane & made in Australia, they are stunning! They provide many opportunities to support and challenge the Pilates repertoire. I love their versatility and my clients are going to love them.”

Genesia Pilates 

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